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Who We Are

Ilchi Lee (Founder)

Ilchi Lee is an impassioned visionary, educator, author, and mentor. He has dedicated his life to teaching energy principles and researching and developing methods to nurture the full potential of the human brain. Ilchi Lee was born in South Korea at the beginning of the Korean War. His father was a school principal, but Lee grew up unable to focus well in his studies. His mind was always preoccupied with questions about the meaning of life and who we truly are inside. At the age of 30, he set out to find the answers to the existential questions that had been on his mind for so long. He meditated and practiced mind-body training on Mt. Moak in South Korea, and after 21 days, he experienced a profound connection to himself and found the answers he was looking for. Since then, for 40 years, he’s worked with a mission to help people realize their own power to create health, happiness, and peace regardless of their circumstances. He has developed many successful mind-body training methods for this purpose, including Brain Education. His principles and methods have inspired and changed many people around the world to live healthier and happier lives. Ilchi Lee is a New York Times bestselling author who has penned more than 40 books and currently works with the United Nations to bring peace through education in developing countries. He serves as president of the University of Brain Education, Global Cyber University, and the International Brain Education Association (IBREA).

Earth Village is a place where we help guide beautiful souls to find their true value and by default design the future they dream of. Ilchi Lee’s dream for Earth Village is to not only help people realise their potential and dreams but to also help people become ambassadors for a healthy planet. He refers to these ambassadors as Earth Citizens.

Our Staffs

Yewon Hwang
(Managing Director & Wellness Guide)

Yewon Has been teaching Brain Education, Meditation, Qigong and Yoga in Korea, USA and NZ for 15 years. Yewon trained as a medical doctor and had a goal of becoming an eye surgeon before she gained an interest in learning more about natural healing methods.

Koro Carman
(Business Development & Youth Mentor)

Koro has worked in the tourism and hospitality industries for 25 years. In 2004, Koro had the privilege of being one of the founders of the world acclaimed Footprints Waipoua tour company and helped to facilitate the world first Union of Ancient Trees Agreement between Aotearoa and Japan. Koro was also involved in establishing Whakaara Pito Mata ‘The Maori Tourism Academy’ in 2019 and delivered two pilot programs in 2020.

Kurt Brady
(Property Maintenance)

Kurt hails from the Bay of Plenty but was lucky enough to meet a lovely lady from the North. Kurt has a son and a daughter and seven amazing grandchildren. Kurt lived in various places in Australia for 20 years working in the construction sector and on tower cranes. Kurt started working at Earth Village in 2015 and enjoys fishing, watching rugby and diving although he has grandchildren now who he can call on to perform this important role.

Shivaun Brownlee
(Accommodation Manager)

Shivaun has worked for Double Pine Investment Ltd. for going on eight years. She has performed many roles across properties during this time, including housekeeping, housekeeping manager and holding down the fort at reception. She has enjoyed learning more about the company’s health and wellbeing business and has championed the positive work they deliver in and with the community.

David Lyden

David has worked as a tour guide on the Tai Pou Herenga Twin Coast Cycle Trail. David spent several months working in the forestry sector prior to becoming the first member of our Earth Village Youth team. David, loves being outdoors, riding his bike and is a whizz with all things in the tech space and is a budding videographer and photographer.

Katie Heath
(Food Stylist)

Katie is our Master Chef as she is the heartbeat of our Café. The kitchen is Katie’s happy place. She adores preparing food for others. Katie has always worked in the food industry, including working in takeaway shops, fine dining restaurants and private catering. She loves the diversity, the challenges and the constant learning of working with food. She considers herself very lucky to have a job that is also her passion.

Wellness Guide

Sunyong Park

Brain Education, K-Qigong and K-Meditation Trainer. Self-healing Ambassador & Expert. Sunyong has been teaching Brain Education for 16 years. He is passionate about sharing the power of self-healing. Sunyong leads the Finding True Self Program and trains the Trainers. He offers guidance to recover one’s body, mind, and spirit and awaken their full potential.

Choi Man
(Wellness Guide & Marketing Support)

Choi has been teaching Body and Brain Yoga, Qigong and Meditation for 15 years. Choi has a Martial Arts background including a 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has been a healer all his life and has done sports massage and healing for Olympic athletes. Choi first connected with the Brain Education method in 2004 and received a Brain Education Doctorate Degree. He has been happily married for 16 years with a 15-year-old son.


Founder Ilchi Lee travelled the world including Europe, USA and Canada in search of a place to establish Earth Village. In 2014, he was invited to visit Aotearoa, New Zealand and fell in love with the country after visiting Kerikeri in Northland. He was inspired by the natural environment, resonates with the Maori culture, admires the people, their sense of humour, their can-do Kiwi attitude and their commitment to Mother Nature.

World Projects

Our dream is to help change the future of the world to be one of peace and sustainability. This is a collaborative concept and requires a collective effort. We refer to this collaboration as the Earth Citizen Movement. We aim to connect 1% of the world’s population with this movement and our goal is to encourage them to adopt the Earth Citizenship lifestyle.

Our Vision

Earth Village was created as a sanctuary so that people can experience the value of true nature, the value of the earth and the value of humanity. Here we offer you the time and space to envisage a new future and design your life’s path. We are happy to help as many people as possible with their life planning.
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