Hwangchil, the healing herb that captivated me.

While researching the recovery of our bodies’ natural healing power, I came to have great interest in herbs. I wrote about sage in the book, The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing. However, today I’d like to introduce you to the Hwangchil tree, which has captivated me for the last several years.

Most Westerners are very unfamiliar with Hwangchil. Even in the East, where royal households had been using Hwangchil as a rare medicine and natural lacquer for thousands of years, Hwangchil was long forgotten. Only recently, as news of its amazing natural healing effects has spread, have many people started to take an interest in Hwangchil.

Despite this growing enthusiasm, Hwangchil is still regarded as rare and precious. Hwangchil sap with especially powerful healing effects can only be harvested from trees that are at least 20 years old. Because of its scarcity, Hwangchil can’t even be purchased in an ordinary marketplace.

I have special interest in Hwangchil because I’m certain that it is the herb that best fits the principles of natural healing I describe in The Solar Body. Natural healing comes not just from using elements from the earth such as plants, but from getting in touch with your own inner nature. Hwangchil has a distinct aroma that makes the mind calm and peaceful and changes the energy of the body and mind incredibly quickly. Drinking a cup of Hwangchil tea and just breathing, focusing on your body for five minutes, allows you to feel effects that are the same as those you would get from an hour of deep meditation. This enhanced inner focus allows you to gain a deep sense of your self, which activates your natural healing power.

Beyond this, Hwangchil itself has a variety of healing effects. According to research data, Hwangchil strengthens the functions of the liver, making it excellent for detoxification and fatigue recovery, and, since it is rich with sulfated components, it helps prevent aging. It’s also highly effective for relieving insomnia since it stabilises the mind, and it promotes healthy bones and gums. In a recent clinical trial, it reduced cholesterol, clearing the blood and promoting circulation. In addition to promoting circulation, Hwangchil keeps the body warm and activates the metabolism, which help the immune system reach its optimal state. It also evens out skin tone when applied directly to the skin.

The effort I’ve poured into Hwangchil research for the last several years has been truly intense, even to my mind. I found the greatest authorities on Hwangchil research in South Korea and learned everything about Hwangchil from them. Whenever I had time, I went into the mountains to find Hwangchil trees and tried eating Hwangchil leaves, roots, stems, and even sap. I even applied it to my skin. I did a lot of experiments on my own self. I also looked to see whether Hwangchil trees grow in any windy, hot, and humid coastal region, and found trees in Japan, New Zealand and Hawaii as well. I even discovered that Hwangchil, which has been called a miraculous and mysterious tree, is commonly used in some cultures as an ornamental or garden tree without their being aware of its medicinal properties.

The more my interest in Hwangchil grows and the more I am spellbound by its infinite effects, the more I think Hwangchil is similar to the brain. Unless we know its value, we can’t ever experience the mysterious power of Hwangchil, even if there is a Hwangchil tree planted right in our garden. In the same way, although everyone has a brain, they can’t properly use the miraculous creativity of their brain unless they know its value. Just living as you’ve been taught within the confines of your environment stifles creativity. If you make good use of your brain, however, you can discover its inexhaustible treasures and infinite potential for creation.

If you watch the video, you’ll understand why I love Hwangchil so much.

Hwangchil is a blessing nature has given us. I have the dream of spreading the word about Hwangchil, as an herb that promotes natural healing, widely around the world, along with the Solar Body Method. My goal is to teach a lot of people about Hwangchil, helping them recover their natural healing power. My heart pounds as I imagine countless people worldwide chatting, meditating, and drinking Hwangchil tea at a “Hwangchil House,” just as they drink coffee at Starbucks.

Creating your own health, happiness, and peace naturally, and helping people around you do it as well, is Hwangchil-like—consciously embodying your vast natural potential to be beneficial to yourself and others. I believe that the course of humanity and our planet will change in a more positive direction once just 1% of the Earth’s population become Hwangchil-like. The 1% who are awakened can shift our current culture of competition and conflict, in which people confront each other in order to get more material things, to a win-win civilisation of harmony in which people help and care for each other. That’s why, before it’s too late, I’m carrying out a campaign for initiating this shift. It calls for at least 100 million people to take part in creating a new spiritual civilisation within the next five years, by 2020.

Although it’s been on the Earth for millennia, the power of Hwangchil can only be used when people know its value. In the same way, although it has existed on the Earth throughout human history, I think the dream of harmony and cooperation can finally be realised when the number of people who know and act on its value grows.

Won’t you join me in the dream of Hwangchil, in the dream of a new world of peace?