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What is Brain Education

Brain-based Holistic Education & Practice.

Body-Mind-Spirit well-being

Brain Education is an innovative wellbeing and self-development approach for developing our innate human capacity for health and spirituality through comprehensive development of the mind and body.

Brain Education is designed to develop the full potential of the human brain. Training involves a combination of traditional eastern energy principles, meditation, yoga, qigong/martial arts and personal development practices infused with new findings from neuroscience and education. These physical, emotional and cognitive exercises are designed to improve focus, strength, creativity, memory, confidence, stress management and overall well-being. Brain Education has been examined at prestigious Universities and Research Institutions including the University of London and the Korean Institute of Brain Science. Brain Education continues to be delivered in schools across the United States, El Salvador, Liberia, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines to name a few countries.


Brain Education teaches practitioners to trust their body’s innate wisdom and therefore does not require a high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength to follow its basic exercises. Rather than focusing on a strict set of yoga poses that demand physical strength, Brain Education practice incorporates a wide variety of exercises that stretch the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies. The practice accommodates people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels and encourages participation at levels that are comfortable and attainable.


The practice of Brain Education began initially as deep breathing and vibration exercises to activate the natural healing rhythms of the brain and body. As the years went by, the practice as it is today was developed, exercise by exercise, stretch by stretch, based on the experience and know-how of founder Ilchi Lee, and his more advanced students. In 2007, Ilchi Lee combined the accumulation of his prior 27 years of work into a comprehensive 5 Step Method known as Brain Education Systems Training (BEST).


Brain Education is a holistic 5 Step Method. It is a collective integration of practices and techniques such as qigong, meditation, breathing, exercises and self-healing. The 5 Steps are Sensitizing, Versatilizing, Refreshing, Integrating, and Mastering. These steps will help you to become the master of your brain’s creative and manifesting potential.


Step 1: Sensitizing – physical health, enhanced focus and awareness

Step 2: Versatilizing – enhanced adaptability and creativity, more resilient mindset

Step 3: Refreshing – positive outlook, self-confidence, emotional well-being

Step 4: Integration – living with core values, balanced, integrated lifestyle

Step 5: Mastering – realizing the power of choice, authorship of ones’ life


Korea has a rich 5,000-year-old history of holistic healing and mind body practices. Brain Education is a combination of Korean Taoist philosophy and traditional eastern energy principles and practices. A person is considered healthy only if one has health of mind, body, and spirit. The understanding of life energy, or Qi, is fundamental to this concept of health.


Exercising the brain to manifest its full potential is a defining element of Brain Education. The brain not only regulates all bodily functions but also affects your emotions and overall outlook on life. Therefore, we truly believe that you can change your life by first awakening dormant parts of your brain and learning how to effectively manage your brain. Our brain awakening techniques include but are not limited to: sharpening focus, increasing memory and flexibility, purifying negative memories and emotions, and developing the brain’s creative potential.


As your become more energy aware and knowledgeable, you will naturally find yourself more mindful and will easily start applying the energy and brain principles into your daily life. Positive energetic shifts directly lead to positive lifestyle changes such as consistently giving yourself positive information, adopting healthier eating habits, and even quitting smoking. The holistic, self-reliant nature of Brain Education inspires you to constantly improve your quality of life.