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What is Hwangchil

The Healing Tree, Hwangchil

The Hwangchil tree is a subtropical, broad-leaved evergreen whose scientific name is Dendropanax morbifera Leveille (Family: Araliaceae). “Dendro” means “tree” and “panax” means “panacea” or “cure all disease.” It has been famous for its natural healing power since ancient times. It is no exaggeration to say that the properties of HwangChil are unique and distinctive and make it very helpful for the stability of our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Hwangchil has a distinct aroma that makes the mind calm and peaceful and changes the energy of the body and mind incredibly quickly. Beyond this, Hwangchil itself has a variety of healing effects. According to research data, Hwangchil strengthens the functions of the liver, making it excellent for detoxification and fatigue recovery, and, since it is rich with sulfated components, it helps prevent aging. It’s also highly effective for relieving insomnia since it stabilises the mind, and it promotes healthy bones and gums. In a recent clinical trial, it reduced cholesterol, clearing the blood and promoting circulation. In addition to promoting circulation, Hwangchil keeps the body warm and activates the metabolism, which help the immune system reach its optimal state.
The effort Ilchi Lee has poured into Hwangchil research for the last several years has been truly intense. He found the greatest authorities on Hwangchil research in South Korea and learned everything about Hwangchil from them. Whenever he had time, he went into the mountains to find Hwangchil trees and tried eating Hwangchil leaves, roots, stems, and even sap. He even applied it to his skin. He did a lot of experiments on his own self. He also looked to see whether Hwangchil trees grow in any windy, hot, and humid coastal region, and found trees in New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii as well. He even discovered that Hwangchil, which has been called a miraculous and mysterious tree, is commonly used in some cultures as an ornamental or garden tree without their being aware of its medicinal properties.

The more my interest in Hwangchil grows and the more He is spellbound by its infinite effects, the more he think Hwangchil is similar to the brain. Unless we know its value, we can’t ever experience the mysterious power of Hwangchil, even if there is a Hwangchil tree planted right in our garden. In the same way, although everyone has a brain, they can’t properly use the miraculous creativity of their brain unless they know its value. Just living as you’ve been taught within the confines of your environment stifles creativity. If you make good use of your brain, however, you can discover its inexhaustible treasures and infinite potential for creation.

Hwangchil is a blessing nature has given us. He has the dream of spreading the word about Hwangchil, as an herb that promotes natural healing, widely around the world, along with the Brain Education Method. His goal is to teach a lot of people about Hwangchil, helping them recover their natural healing power.
Well-aging Exobio Inc, Hwangchil contains a large amount of saponins and catechins that keep the skin young and bright. Exosome nanoparticles from Hwangchil tree leaves are quickly absorbed, forming a moisturizing layer to nourish and maintain smooth skin. Fragrance-free and dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. Vegan, EWG green grade, U.S FDA verified. Exosomes are particles that are spontaneously secreted by cells, have excellent absorption ability, and can deliver active ingredients to cells.