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Online Course

We all have bright consciousness, we can all feel clear and know that state of mind. However, when we lose that, we cannot see the physical and emotional blockages we hold. As a result, we cannot go beyond them. This session is designed to help you to manage your pain. recover the sense of energy to return to that clear, bright consciousness – from which you can heal yourself. 

Live Wellness Classes

We offer daily live Wellness Classes, which include energy yoga, moving meditation, Qigong, and breathing exercises.  In this experiential, Wellness instructor, healer, and mental health care expert Master Brain, you will experience practical, easy, and profound self-healing techniques and new mindfulness training. 

Love Heals

This is a Heal Yourself Workshop led by one of our expert trainers. With our unique 3-step energy healing practice, this is opportunity harmoniously combines mindfulness exercises, breathing and meditation techniques to help establish a deep mind-body connection. With this essential connection, you can activate your natural healing power and enable yourself to achieve your ultimate healing.

Introduction to Golden Bell – 10 Sessions

This is an opportunity to learn more about Golden Bell. Whether you are a beginner or are an experienced practitioner the 10 sessions will help you to develop the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit.

Online Golden Bell Course

Golden Bell is the ultimate 5-month self-development healing experience that will change your life. Find the inner power to live a purposeful life with joy knowing the clear life directions through daily chakra healing, exercise, meditation and energy practice. You will learn the ideal spiritual practice routines that help you to create body, mind, and spirit well-being.