What Do We Practice?

Our classes teach an innovative form of exercise and are a combination of yoga, stretching, tai chi and self-healing exercises with dynamic-energy meditation. We use a holistic approach to show you how to use your body’s energy to create health, happiness, and peace.

Address: 4 Cobham Road, Kerikeri 0230

Phone: 09-407 4165


What will Earth Village wellness classes do for you?

Good for your body

Improve your energy flow, flexibility, body posture and balance. Become stronger with better circulation and fitness.

Good for healing

Meridian stretching for improving energy flow and intestinal health. Helps fight disease and pain and reduces stress. 

Good for your mind

Promote inner stillness, reduces stress and feel more relaxed. Increase creativity and think clearer, feel more confident.

Good for you

Take time for you to realign your body and its meridian flows and release muscle tension with our one-on-one treatments.

Kerikeri Timetable​


Healing Yoga (8am, 10am and 5:30pm)


Organ Detox (8am and 10am)


Qigong (8am, 10am and 5:30pm)


Energy Breathing (8am and 10am)


Dance Meditation (8am, 10am and 5:30pm)

Earth Village Wellness Centre - Online Classes

This self-healing class uses Zoom webinars, so you can participate and enjoy from the comfort and convenience of your home. Now you don’t need to go away on a lengthy course to bring about self-healing.

About this online class

Recover your self-healing power using energy. Back, neck, shoulder pain… Everyone has the innate power to heal themselves.

In this experiential, symptom-based healing course with our experienced Qigong instructors, healers and energy experts. You will experience practical, easy and profound self-healing techniques you can use to clear blockages, get energy moving and energise yourself for the day.

This course is suitable for both experts and beginners. Our Masters will help you increase your confidence in yourself and your inner healing power.

Energy is all around us and in our bodies. When we take a deeper look at any physical ailments, they are all rooted in an energetic imbalance within. There are certain energy states that cause diseases and others that promote health in the body.

This self-healing method can help restore your natural healing ability by awakening and directing your energy to places in your body that are blocked. It’s a self-healing practice that anyone can practice easily.

Class Content

1. Warm Up

Feel the subtle vibrations of energy flow in your body and release your physical tension.

2. Sound Purification

Focus your energy to activate the senses and quieten the mind, bringing you to a very calm and meditative state.

3. Receive Energy

Energy is accumulated and released through the breath. Learn how to gather energy in your body to experience deep relaxation.

4. Use Energy

Learn to move energy to achieve what you want – for example, to relieve back pain, shake off a melancholy mood, love yourself etc

What Are The Benefits

Creating the Optimal Energy Balance for Health and Happiness

Simple yet powerful lessons in energy self-healing techniques

Thorough explanation of each symptom-based energy healing technique and how to look for imbalances in the body

Release of unwanted emotions

A renewed sense of confidence as you gain better control over your emotions

This energy healing is powerful in relieving shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee pain, headaches and more

Living Beyond Emotion

Everything is energy, including your emotions. Emotions can sometimes overwhelm us and cloud our minds. Living beyond emotion is not about being detached, rather it is about knowing how to manage the waves of emotions and recognising that emotions are not you, but yours.

This self-healing method shares the art of energy sensation as a tool to ride the waves of your emotions. Sensing the energy that is constantly coursing through your body will help you recognise an emotional wave when it comes and more easily connect to your energy to ground down for the ride. The more sincerely and intentionally focused you are, the quieter your mind and emotions become.

Email: admin@earthvillage.co.nz