Forest and Healing Energy Retreat

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Forest & Healing Energy Retreat

The sacred energy of Earth Village will encourage you to lay down all your worries and inspire you to regain 100 percent of your natural self. This Retreat is your opportunity to breathe in all the natural energy that you will be surrounded by, purify your body, mind and soul and embrace the chance to open up, sense and welcome new energy.

What does it mean to truly heal? When you recover the balance and harmony of body, mind, and spirit. A Forest & Healing Energy Retreat is the ultimate healing experience.

Our Vision

Earth Village was created as a sanctuary for people to experience the value of true nature. When we refer to nature, we refer to the natures of earth and humanity. At Earth Village we offer you the time and space to envisage a new future and an opportunity to design your optimal life’s path. Join one of our Earth Village Retreats to start designing a plan for YOU. 

Where You’ll Stay

Earth Village is a 386-acre (156ha) block of native New Zealand Forest and pines located on the edge of the Puketi Forest near Kerikeri. Earth Village is an amazing natural landscape with tranquil spaces, walking tracks, meditation platforms and gardens designed to awaken the senses, calm your mind and invigorate your body. Earth Village is the perfect the place to reinvigorate and reconnect with oneself and the environment.


Meet at Earth Village at 6:30 pm on Friday and the Retreat concludes at 1 pm on Sunday.

Program Inclusions

  • All activities at Earth Village
  • Two Night accommodation in an Earth Village cabin
  • Meals – 2 x Breakfasts (Sat & Sun), 1 x Lunch (Sat) and 1 x Dinner (Sat)

Activity Inclusions

  • Nature-based meditation experiences including forest walks
  • Qigong, Energy Yoga and Breathing Exercises for beginners, Self-healing practices
  • A Hot Sauna and Cold Bath Experience

Optional Experience

A fully clothed 45-minute Acupressure Massage. This option costs $90.00 and will need to be pre-booked and pre-paid.


$390.00 for a Single Cabin
$350.00 for a Twin Cabin

Earth Village Cabins

We have 10 Cabins so spaces are limited. The beds in our cabins are Super King that can be split to accommodate a Twin option.

Bathroom Facilities

Earth Village has shared bathroom facilities. There are three cabins that are designated bathroom and shower cabins.

Solar Power Energy

Because Earth Village is run on solar power, we need to manage our power use. There are no TV’s, fridges, radios or heaters in the cabins. There are power points in the cabins.


This is a WIFI Free Retreat. There is no phone reception at the Earth Village Cabin Area.

The Benefits


After arriving and settling in to your cabin we will get together to get to know each other a little better, get to know more about Earth Village and discuss the weekends schedule. After the briefing you will have free time to relax. Please book in advance or ask your wellness guide if you would like an optional acupressure massage.
It’s time to experience Mother Nature and enjoy Qigong sessions. Today you will visit our Bird of Soul Garden, and the River Walk track. Your day will conclude with an evening Hot Sauna and Cold Tub experience. Today is an opportunity to open the blocked areas of energy in your body, enabling you to heal within and regain physical strength. You will connect to yourself, your purpose, the wider world and nature.
Day 3 will begin with a morning outdoor meditation and energy exercise session. After breakfast we will gratefully ascend the 120 Steps walking track, slowly and deeply clearing the extraneous thoughts from our mind through natural meditation. Here you will also recover your balance and focus your energy to plan for a new and more energised life. We hope you will receive the inspiration required to design the new you.
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