Finding True Self Retreat

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Finding True Self Retreat

Discovering You

Finding True Self Retreat opens a spiritual journey to uncover who you are behind your title, degrees, bank accounts, heritage, and accomplishments. Over the course of three days, you will be free to discover who you are, authentically, at your core. You will be free to peel away the external and internal layers of your life, and look at the belief systems driving your subconscious thoughts and actions. You will be free to decipher the consistent themes of your life and connect its missing dots. You will be free to truly just…be. What is the life I want? Who am I? What are the obstacles that prevent me from living my best life?

This program has been delivered around the world for more than 30 years. It is a turning point experience aimed at breaking down the layers built over the course of your life that have kept you from the feeling of being connected and rediscovering your true self. In the beginning, we are very pure and then over time we become shaped by our experiences and habits. Becoming distant from our true self can cause different types of mental, physical and emotional issues. This retreat will help you to live a more authentic life and truly open your heart to all possibilities.

Where You’ll Stay

Earth Village and Haruru Falls Retreat:

Earth Village is a 386-acre (156ha) block of native New Zealand Forest and pines located on the edge of the Puketi Forest near Kerikeri. Earth Village is an amazing natural landscape with tranquil spaces, walking tracks, meditation platforms and gardens designed to awaken the senses, calm your mind and invigorate your body. Earth Village is the perfect the place to reinvigorate and reconnect with oneself and the environment.

Haruru Falls Retreat is an amazing natural haven set amongst 5 acres of gardens and grounds. Sitting right across from the property is the magical Haruru Waterfalls (meaning Big Noise in Te Reo Maori). Behind the waterfall is a Kiwi habitat and a walking track that winds its way to the Waitangi National Reserve. Located 5-minutes drive from Waitangi and Paihia and 20 minutes from Kerikeri, we are the ideal place for you to enjoy all that the Bay has to offer.


Meet & Greet at Haruru Falls Retreat at 12pm on Friday and the Retreat concludes at 1 pm on Sunday.  

Program Inclusions

  • Finding True-self Workshop at Haruru Falls Retreat
  • Activities at Earth Village
  • 1 Night’s accommodation at Haruru Falls Retreat 
  • 1 Night’s accommodation in a new Earth Village cabin
  • Meals – 1 x Lunch (Sat) and 2 x Dinner (Fri & Sat)

Activity at Earth Village Inclusions

  • Morning forest walk & 120 Steps meditation
  • A Hot Sauna and Cold Bath Experience
  • Optional massage add ons available

Benefits Inclusions

  • Awaken your bright consciousness 
  • Discover your authentic self 
  • Heal emotionally with sound therapy 
  • Releasing and healing from trauma 
  • Recognize negative beliefs and patterns. 
  • Connect with a like-minded group 


$580.00 for a Single room
$500.00 for a Twin Cabin


The program begins at 12pm. with a welcome, an overview of the retreat schedule. Day 1, We will focus on heart-opening training for reflection and emotional release, chakra clearing to let go of the past, and tapping into self-love to build confidence.
We will focus on meditations to intentionally create the future by answering the questions: “Who Am I?” “What do I really want?” “What is the purpose of my life?” You’ll learn how to raise your awareness and become fully present with your body throughout the training. You’ll free yourself from stagnant memories and experience the benefits of a harmonized body, a fully opened heart, and you, at your highest level of consciousness.

Day 3 begins with a morning sauna experience. Then walking up 120 steps, slowly clearing you mind from past and present barriers through natural meditation. You can recover balance and plan for a new and more energized life. You will receive inspiration for your life here.

FIY: The Finding True Self program in Haruru Falls Retreat runs from 12 pm. on the first day and ends at 6:30 pm. on the second day. Most of the activity takes place indoors with short meal breaks. However, some outdoor meditation time is also a part of the schedule. On the evening of the second day, you will move to Earth Village and have some time, to deepen your experience.