EXODROP Silk Recovery Cream

Item Form Cream
Use for Face
Product Benefits Hydrating
Recommended Uses For Product Brightening
Size 5.5 cm × 5.5 cm × 4.8 cm

$103.00 inc.GST


EXODROP Silk Recovery Cream


About this item

  • SILK RECOVERY CREAM: This facial moisturizer contains exosome nanoparticles from ginseng tree leaves that are quickly absorbed, forming a moisturizing layer to nourish and maintain smooth skin.
  • FRAGRANCE-FREE&SOFT: This Fragrance-free, Soft moisturizer absorbs quickly so you’re not left with a greasy feeling and brightens your skin.
  • RICH INGREDIENT: Enhanced moisturizing and elastic effect of hyaluronic acid, squalene, and camellia oil for dry skin
  • CONFIDENT INGREDIENTS: Dermatologist tested, Vegan, EWG Green Grade Verified
  • SOFT FEELING: Take an appropriate amount and massage lightly according to your skin texture.


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