Home Massage

Format: Paperback
Pages: 272 pages, full-color
Publisher: BEST Life Media (March 1st, 2009)

$52.00 inc.GST


Home Massage

Discover the amazing healing power of human touch.
Through Home Healing Massage you will learn how to activate and move energy through the human body for total wellness. These easy techniques, based on ancient Asian healing arts, will bring a new level of health and vitality to you and your family.

Each chapter, illustrated in full-color, provides an overview of basic energy principles and Korean massage techniques that effectively alleviate many common ailments. They take you step-by step through tried and true methods to increase your ability to create stress management, relaxation, and pain relief for total wellness for yourself and your entire family. They will give you the means to experience the sheer joy of giving and receiving love through the act of hands-on healing.

This book will help you:

・Connect with others through the gift of touch.
・Gain understanding of the human energy system
・Contribute to your family’s and friends’ well-being
・Develop emotional balance and healthy relationships
・Release stress and revitalize the body
・Find relaxation and relief from common ailments
・Experience the joy of healing others

The Institute of Human Technology is dedicated to the investigation and development of effective natural health care methods, especially those that help fulfill innate human potential. In addition, they provide a variety of educational opportunities for health care professionals.



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