Live Wellness Classes

We offer daily live Wellness Classes, which include energy exercise, moving meditation, Qigong, and breathing exercises. In this experiential, Wellness instructor, healer and mental health care expert Master Sunyong, you will experience practical, easy and profound self-healing techniques and new mindfulness training. Recover your self-healing power using energy. Back, neck, shoulder pain… Everyone has the innate power to heal themselves. This course is suitable for both experts and beginners. Master Sunyong’s gentle, friendly and encouraging nature, together with his depth of experience, will help you increase your confidence in yourself and your inner healing power.
Join our Zoom classes from the convenience of your home or office.

Class Content

Feel the subtle vibrations of energy flow in your body and release your physical tension. 

Focus your energy to activate the senses and quieten the mind, bringing you to a very calm and meditative state. 

Energy is accumulated and released through the breath. Learn how to gather energy in your body to experience deep relaxation. 

Learn to move energy to achieve what you want – for example, to relieve back pain, shake off a melancholy mood, love yourself etc 

What You Get

Creating the Optimal Energy Balance for Health and Happiness. Energy is all around us and in our bodies. When we take a deeper look at any physical ailments, they are all rooted in an energetic imbalance within. There are certain energy states that cause diseases and others that promote health in the body. These classes can help restore your natural healing ability by awakening and directing your energy to places in your body that are blocked. It’s a self-healing and wellness practice that anyone can practice easily.
General Information

These are Group sessions conducted via Zoom and they are 1 hour in duration.

The cost is $120 per month.

Class Schedule

Every Monday to Friday at 10am / Monday to Thursday at 5.30pm 

You can join us at any time and at your convenience. 


Private Session (1hour) : $80

1 week trial: $30

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Master Sunyong

Live Wellness Classes

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