Earth Village Forest & Energy Healing Retreat

Earth Village is an impressive 386-hectare (156ha) private block of native New Zealand Forest and pines located on the edge of the Puketi Forest near Kerikeri. Earth Village is an amazing natural landscape with tranquil spaces, walking tracks, meditation platforms and gardens designed to awaken the senses, calm your mind, and invigorate your body.

Earth Village is the perfect the place to reinvigorate and reconnect with oneself and the environment.

Price: Contact us for more information.

When: Contact us for dates.

Meeting & Departure times: Meet at Earth Village at 7pm on the Friday and it concludes at 12pm on the Sunday.

Program Inclusions:
• All activities at Earth Village.
• Two Night’s accommodation in a new Earth Village cabin.
• Meals (2 x breakfasts, 1 x lunch and 1 x dinner).
• A copy of the ‘I’ve decided to live 120 years’ book written by Ilchi Lee, the founder of Earth Village.

Activity Inclusions:
• Nature-based meditation experiences including forest walks.
• Qigong, Yoga and Breathing exercises for beginners.
• A 1-hour Private Hot Sauna and Cold Bath Experience.

We only have 10 Cabins so spaces are limited.

Contact for further information.

Finding true self retreat


The 3-day Finding Your True Self Retreat is an experiential program that offers personal development for those seeking to decompress. Over the course of the four days, you will be encouraged to look deep inside yourself. Peeling away the external and internal layers of your life will help drive your subconscious thoughts and actions and help you to discover who you really are. This program is your opportunity to decipher the consistent themes of your life and connect the missing pieces.

longevity retreat


Can you stop the aging process? Probably not. Can you slow down the aging process? Yes. How can some people grow old faster and some slower? There are secrets for staying young and healthy, and this 7-day program created by the globally renowned meditation expert Ilchi Lee, provides an insight into the staying young and healthy process. In fact, he suggests that you join him in his journey to live 120 years. He says, “We never know when we are going to leave earth and that is not something we decide. However, staying young and healthy while we are living on earth is our choice. I have decided to live 120 years because I want to stay young and healthy until that last moment of my life. I think it is my responsibility to take care of my body.” Ilchi Lee has been experimenting with different ways of eating, exercising and thinking to keep himself healthy, happy, young and peaceful for over 40 years and he is now sharing his expertise with this school called ‘Longevity school’.

The program includes activities such as Longevity walking practice, a practice that teaches you how to walk to make yourself healthier; qigong, which is an excellent form of exercise for an aging body and various self-awareness and self-healing methods that will help to keep you healthy and therefore minimize/eliminate the need to visit your doctor for minor symptoms. Basically, the thinking behind this belief is that we are the best doctors for our bodies.
This program will help you to create the best habits to keep yourself young and full of vitality.

Who Would this Program Appeal to?

Have any of these questions crossed your mind?

– Where is my life headed?

– How can I live a life with no regrets?

– How can I be strong physically, emotionally, and mentally as I age?

– What is my contribution to the world?

– How can I get a clear plan with purpose on how to live my life from this point forward?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then this Longevity Retreat is for you. It will not only address these questions but at the same time it will offer you the peace of mind and newfound knowledge to action and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Hot Sauna and Cold Bath Experience

Research tells us that hot sauna and cold-water bathing present an amazing combo of health benefits. Sauna is one of the widest known and most favourable ways to detox. Set in a secluded piece of paradise an Earth Village Hot Sauna and Cold-Water Bath is a wonderful mind, body and soul experience.

Set in a secluded, picturesque and private corner amongst a fragrant array of native bush and right alongside a stream that projects the unique sound of water caressing rocks and banks. Occasionally birds will stop by and provide company for a short time. 

The natural space and sounds will instantly calm your senses and prepare you for a life-changing encounter. The changing between the cold and hot temperatures will awaken all the cells in your body and help to release unwanted toxins that have been stored deep and over time. The hot stones sourced from Finland, who some say is the home of saunas is heated by a wood burner and emits infrared rays.

There are many proven benefits to a hot sauna and cold bath experience. What a perfect opportunity to spend some time with a loved one.