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What is Wellness Centre

We offer the best in Body-Mind-Spirit wellness practices featuring a blend of traditional eastern energy principles, K-Meditation, K- Qigong and self-healing practices. Our classes teach practitioners to trust their body’s innate wisdom. These classes do not require a high degree of flexibility, balance or strength as the exercises are very basic. Earth Village Wellness Centre incorporates a wide variety of exercises that stretch the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.

What is Brain Education?
Brain Education is an innovative wellbeing and self-development approach for developing our innate human capacity for health and spirituality through comprehensive development of the mind and body.

We help you to create positive lifestyle changes
As you become more energy aware and knowledgeable, you will naturally find yourself become more mindful. This will help you to start applying the energy principles in your daily life.

Class Schedule
Monday to Friday – 8am to 9am and 10am to 11am
Monday to Thursday – 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Our Location
4 Cobham Road, Kerikeri

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Master Sunyong has been teaching Brain Education, K-Meditation, K-Qigong and Self-Healing for 16 years. He is passionate about sharing the power of self-healing. Master Sunyong leads the Finding True Self Program and trains the Trainers. He offers guidance to recover one’s body, mind and spirit and awaken their full potential.
Meeting Grandmaster Ilchi Lee changed his world a great deal. He was able to connect with his true self and, therefore, realise what he wanted. His past, however, was fraught with challenges. He realises now that these challenges only made him stronger. One of those challenges was when he fell from a horse and broke his spine in three places. The doctor’s diagnosis was that he would never walk again. He is living proof that he can overpower challenges. His continued Brain Education practise helped him to heal himself. His dream is for everyone to practice Brain Education so that they too can heal themselves and awaken their bright consciousness the opportunity to live the lives they design to live.

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